Days To Remember-Part 1

It was the perfect spot to end the last day of being 27.

Our friend Trui gave us the hints for the location where there were petroglyphs that we absolutely wanted to see. The road up in the mountains didn’t make it easy for us. A lot of single track but there was a track so we were confident we could make it.

Upon arrival I fell in love with this majestic place, I still dream of it now years later. There was a radiant presence of the past there. Of a time when people roamed the earth in tribes. And it’s so close within reach.

As so often with higher grounds, as soon as the sun had set, it chilled down to freezing temperatures even though it’s the second of September. We seek refuge in the tent and we keep chatting and munching on some dried fish. No one but maybe wildlife is going to disturb us this night, that’s for sure and for whom camps in the wild too, you know that doesn’t happen very often. There is always someone somewhere, but not that night.

At 00.01 the third of September, Jeku pulled out a bottle of brandy, ‘Happy Birthday, love’.

And so began the 28th year of my life. Just us. Surrounded by the vast emptiness that only nature can provide. Our bikes beside us. Some 4200km away from the bricks we use the word ‘home’ for.

We felt more at home that night than any other night inside them bricks.

-Armenia, 2018

oktober 31, 2023
4:00 pm
De griezeligste Halloweenrit.... geen platte gravel....
oktober 9, 2023
9:00 am
Ronda De Faro neemt je mee dwars door de Algarve volledig op jouw eigen tempo. Ontspanning en avontuur in evenwicht! Met vier rijdagen en vijf overnachtingen ontdek je de mooiste tracks van de streek, verblijf je in de tofste hotels … Lees meer
april 26, 2024
8:00 am
Reet D’Opale De eerste editie van de gloednieuwe Reet D’Opale samen met neemt je mee op een avontuurlijke driedaagse onverharde rit. Met maar liefst 600 km aan tracks dwars doorheen het Noord-Franse binnenland rijden we naar de Opaalkust om … Lees meer
Altes Elefanten 2024 gaat weer door. Goesting in een wintertreffen met een dikke 10 voor sfeer en gezelligheid? Kruip dan in je winterpak, trek een dikke buff over je hoofd, prop je warmste slaapzak in je bagage én rij mee … Lees meer
Rij met Bart en Jess van MotoMentals en Glenn van mee naar het ABR-festival. In 2023 rijden we in drie groepen maar komen we wel steeds samen op de kampeerweides voor de nachten.
september 8, 2023
5:00 pm
Ride our +10 km private offroad-track through the hills of Northern France in an all exclusive offroad trackday. The piste for ‘TRACK TO THE FUTURE’ has been made especially for this event. All the riding terrains of ‘Circuit de la Vilaine’ intertwined into one for this weekend! Exclusive for this event extra tracks have been made with love
november 25, 2023
9:30 am
The Unicorn Ride is a muddy ride for experienced riders. For fun people only!